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Wm. Knabe & Co. : The American Dream

Founded in 1837 in Baltimore, Maryland by German immigrant William Knabe, the company immediately earned a reputation for making high quality grand pianos and uprights. William Knabe was known for his incredible craftsmanship and German-American engineering in hand crafting these masterpiece pianos. Now, over 175 years later, Wm. Knabe & Co. continues his proud tradition in crafting excellent grand and vertical pianos.

 Over its near-200-year history, Wm. Knabe & Co. have been acclaimed by many accomplished composers and musicians. In 1838, Francis Scott Key commissioned a custom square grand for his home, which he used until his dying day in 1843. Knabe also produced the piano that was used in the opening of Carnegie Hall by Peter Tchaikovsky. Elvis Presley famously featured his beloved White Knabe Grand in his home and Graceland, where it can be seen to this day. Knabe was the Official Piano of the New York Metropolitan Opera from 1926 to 1988. Today, Knabe is the Official Piano of the American Ballet Theatre at the Met.

Knabe pianos are renowned for their rich, resonant tone, being called the closest piano tone to the human singing voice. Their Low Tension Scale design, careful selection of the best woods and materials, and precision craftsmanship create a distinctly mellow and melodic tone that is renowned the world over.

 “Experience has proven that we can always depend on Knabe.”
- Rudolf Bing, Director of NY Metropolitan Opera, 1950 to 1972. 

Knabe Grand & Upright Pianos


Knabe WG-50:  MSRP: $17,295 


Knabe WGS-54: MSRP  $26,595 


Knabe WG59:  MSRP: $24,695 


Knabe WG-61: MSRP  $25,995 


Knabe WV 115: MSRP  $8,795 


Knabe WV 118H: MSRP  $8,995 


Knabe WV 43:  MSRP: $7,295 


Knabe WV 243F:  MSRP: $7,995 


Knabe WV 243T:  MSRP: $7,995